ABS Reports 4.5% Job Vacancy Increase With ‘Knowledge Workers’ Tipped For Hiring Hotspot

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released their job vacancy figures last Thursday to a chorus of relief across the nation. The August statistics show job vacancies in Australia have bounced back to a 4 year high and 4.5% increase in three months leaving the total job vacancies for the month of August at 175,300 (an increase of 13,000 jobs since the same period last year). The private sector showed steady increase of 9,800 jobs since August 2015 to finish on 158,200.

In addition to the reported job vacancy increase is the mid-year surge in skilled white-collar job vacancies. This reversed the impact of Australia’s post-mining boom economy and the recent closure of Ford’s manufacturing plants. A swing towards Candidates known as ‘Knowledge Workers’, has thrust several construction, engineering, manufacturing and logistical roles into the hiring hotspot. “Knowledge workers (are) people (with) skills that are not easily replicated by technology, such as social intelligence, creativity and complex manual dexterity”. (Alexandra Heath, Head of the Reserve Bank Economic Analysis Department). These highly skilled and technologically savvy professionals are irreplaceable by automation and growth positions include:

  • Architects/ Senior Architects
  • Supervisors and Assistant Managers within the business services sector
  • Interior Designers with Revit documentation skills
  • Engineers with technical knowledge capable of managing clients
  • Maintenance and Production Planners
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