B a Finisher – End of Year Motivation

As of tomorrow there is four weeks, or 20 working days, until we break for Christmas.

Many years ago I heard Wayne Bennett speak on ‘finishing strong’. The example he gave and the phrase that he used was ….    “A race of 100 metres does not finish at the 97th metre!”

How hard is it to keep your staff motivated once they hit ‘the 97th metre’? Are they already starting to show signs of ‘slowing down’ as we come to the end of the year?

It’s going to start getting hotter, tired kids will finished their school year, people will be pushing to get projects and deliveries done prior to the break.

What to do?

Now is the time to take a daily focus.

It’s the old ‘one foot in front of the other’ approach.

Instead of focusing on everything that has to be done before Christmas, sit down with your staff at the beginning of each day and just focus on what needs to be done today.

Then the next day check that they have done it and then get them to focus only on what need to be done today again.

This will keep your momentum up right to the last day of the year.

Be a finisher!