B Accurate – Are you hiring staff for the wrong reasons?

When a job is vacant, many employers place pressure on themselves to fill the role as quickly as possible, without considering the ramifications of hiring the wrong person.

Hiring the wrong person may be more costly than you think:

Management Time
Managing poor performers can take up to 20% of your time which is one day a week, or forty-eight days a year. It’s like taking ten weeks holiday – what would that do to your performance and the performance of your company?

Team Attractiveness
Will industry superstars want to join your team if it’s made up of average or poor-performing staff? It’s more likely that your company will attract only average candidates. Hiring a superstar can raise the status of your company and attract other superstars who want to be part of your team.

Imagine constantly having to cover for an underperforming colleague, fixing their mistakes, having your reputation tarnished as shoddy work goes out. What will that do to culture and morale over time?

The B Series consultants utilise effective recruitment processes to ensure the right person gets the job.