B Appraised – Performance Review Pay Rise

The start of a new financial year, and for many, time to either ask for a salary review or, to have people asking you to ‘up’ their salary package.

Last year I wrote and published four online courses to help people with their careers – How to write a cracking resume, How to Ace the Interview, How to get a Promotion and How to get a Pay Rise. (See JobPrep – Prepare for your next Job)

The last one, How to get a Pay Rise, which I thought would be the most popular, turned out to be the least!



Here is an excerpt from the course on why people don’t ask for a pay rise and the reasons they tell themselves not to:

  • Fear of being rejected.
  • Fear of coming across as too pushy.
  • Fear of resentment from your future boss.
  • Fear of being miserable if the answer is no.
  • I’m already earning enough.
  • I’m getting paid more than others in the same role so I won’t ask.
  • I love my job and don’t want to lose it.
  • My friends and family don’t get paid as much as I do so I don’t want to be seen as rich or trying to be better than them so I won’t ask.
  • I’m unsure if I’m worth more.
  • People sometimes confuse their professional worth with their personal worth. Their personal worth isn’t up for examination. It’s their professional worth that they need to spend a little time polishing into an impressive presentation.
  • They just don’t care – Maybe past experiences have taught them that it’s a waste of time to try.
  • I’ll get recognised sooner or later – I’ve done my job and they will call me in sooner or later and increase my pay without me having to go through the trouble of asking myself.
  • Personal Beliefs about Money – Some people carry around social notions about earning more money, such as rich people being snobs or greedy, or money matters being a nuisance or beneath oneself to deal with, or worrying about compromising relationships with other coworkers.

So if they do get up the guts to ask for a pay rise how do you respond?

More on that next fortnight ….