B Autopsied – Employee Attrition, Identify Signs of “Sickness”

Staff leave, for a variety of reasons, but do you ever actually sit down and really dig deep to understand why they left?

The funny thing about employee attrition is that when you analyse it over time you will find it leaves clues. Clues as to what could be wrong with the “health” of your business that is causing people to leave or to be dismissed.
Very few companies sit down and do an “autopsy” analysis over a period of time but the ones that do usually find the cause of the disease.

Just for your information here are some recent results from an “Autopsy Analysis” completed by a Brisbane based industrial products company:

  • The employee was unable to complete the tasks required ….. because they had no induction training ….. because the Manager neglected to do the training in the first place ….. and the employee was dismissed ….. and this was the third person they had had in the role in the last year.
  • THE CLUE – Are you completing proper induction training?
  • The employee resigned to move to a competitor ….. initially thought to be because of more money ….. but it was because they moved house to the Northside of Brisbane ….. and had to pay $100 a week in tolls ….. and had an extra hours travelling time each day ….. and a toll card would have solved the issue.
  • THE CLUE – Are your employees moving house?
  • The employee resigned as they were offered a larger salary package ….. but they were perfectly happy with their work, their boss and their company ….. and they had been with the company for five years ….. and had no intention of leaving ….. but a colleague got a new role at a higher wage ….. and they started to look around ….. because they had not had a salary review in nearly three years ….. and this was the second time this had happened in 2016.
  • THE CLUE – Are we having regular performance and salary reviews?

All these problems can be solved fairly easily if the signs of pending “sickness” are identified.

It’s better to be doing a “Medical Check Up” than an “Autopsy”.