B Cunning – 3 Ways Companies can be more Cunning

“A plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel.”

(Rowan Atkinson, Blackadder)

Cunning is defined as ‘skilfully achieving a goal through deceit or evasion’ and the synonym that jumped out at me was ‘Machiavellian’. I think this definition is somewhat harsh and that being cunning in business means achieving business goals by cleverly identifying advantages and exploiting them to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Three ways companies can be more cunning:


Placing incentives on KPI targets to drive behaviour is very cunning. Staff respond to these targets and will compete fiercely to be declared “the winner” no matter how small the prize. A $50 gift voucher, tickets to a new movie, dinner for two at a new restaurant are all great ways to incentivise your staff towards behaviour that will become ingrained over time. Offering monetary incentives for achieving commercial targets is an excellent way of ensuring your staff are highly motivated, engaged and rewarded, and staff will become top performers to satisfy their need for higher income.

Better Staff

Hiring better staff is very cunning. How can you attract and acquire the best staff? Will placing an ad on Seek lead to the best possible candidate in the market applying AND rejecting all other offers to accept your job, company, and team? Does your internal resourcing or HR team have the tools and the specialist network to guarantee that the best candidate in the market is identified and acquired? Working with us to target passive candidates from an established and targeted network guarantees that the BEST possible candidates are sourced.

Regular Staff Reviews

You cannot expect a member of staff to do the same job over and over forever. People will naturally reach a point where they are unchallenged and bored and will seek greater challenges elsewhere. Most companies refer to this as “natural attrition”. Conducting regular reviews with staff is very cunning. It creates an understanding of career growth, improvement in skill-set and the discussion creates engagement which will drastically reduce the number of staff assuming that they have to leave to get ahead. Why lose a top performer when a small promotion or sideways shift allows you to retain them?

The B Series help businesses formulate a cunning plan.

“A plan as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University”

Rowan Atkinson, Blackadder