B Decisive – Are you limiting the growth & potential of the business?

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Most businesses have someone in their organisation that doesn’t belong there. This individual is sapping the strength out of the business by negatively affecting the culture, being unproductive and taking up the space where a top-performer could be working, limiting the growth and potential of your business.

Every business should be looking to replace poor performers. Terminating someone is not something you do ‘to’ someone but ‘for’ someone. The act enables them to find a role that allows them to fulfill their potential, rather than wasting their time in a miserable, lose / lose situation.

Does your business set clear KPI’s around staff performance? When was the last time you reviewed them? Can you provide training and education to improve a poor performer or have you done everything you can do?

Will delaying the decision make the situation worse?

The B Series can help replace a poor performer with top talent.

Written by

James Humphries

James is a Senior Executive Recruitment Consultant with Barclay Recruitment part of the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies. For the past 10 years James has been a specialist recruitment and search consultant working in Engineering Consulting, Design and Construct, EPCM and Resources production markets for Water, Power, Oil & Gas and Building Services industries across Australia and the region. James attended the University of Queensland and has an Arts and Journalism Degree.