B First – Being Proactive Pays Off

Successful companies are often the first to ride a wave. They seize the opportunities that are presented and maximise their profits by acting first, rather than waiting for the competition to gear up and capture available market share.

Recently the B Series did some work with a client who saw an opportunity in a growing area of their sector. They looked at various indicators such as population growth and increasing demand and surmised that construction in this space would be an area of growth. They had completed a few projects in this area already and could see many more projects on the horizon. They asked us to assist in growing their team in this specialist market.

We approached a candidate from their biggest competitor. Our client has a 50% market share in construction in this market; their main competitor has the other 50%. By recruiting the leader of construction at the competitor company, we enabled our client to increase their market share. As this wave begins, our client stands the best chance of securing vital projects while their competition struggles to find a suitable replacement.

If you can see an opportunity on the horizon, it pays to act first. Three months ago, the B Series hired a very experienced, Senior Infrastructure Consultant. In his first three months, he has done over sixty client visits. We anticipate a significant rise in infrastructure projects as 2016 progresses. The wave is coming and we have acted first.

If you’re considering taking advantage of an opportunity, speak with a B Series Consultant about maximising your chances for success by getting in first.