B In Demand – Which Candidates are HOT Property?

I’ve always said that the recruitment industry is the best ‘lead indicator’ for which way the market is moving.

When things are going ‘off the boil’ we are the first to feel it because people put assignments on hold or just stop hiring – so my businesses come to a screaming halt.

When things are improving we are the first to notice it as suddenly inquiries increase, clients are willingly engaging us, and the search for the ‘A’ Grade candidates starts in earnest.

So, just to let you know what’s happening out there, here is a snapshot of the candidates that have been in strong demand over the last quarter:

  • Construction Estimators, Contract Administrators and Cost Planners – residential, commercial and industrial.
  • Civil Designers in Land Development.
  • Sales Representatives for the Building Product Sector (no doubt due to the points above as the construction market fires up).
  • HVAC Engineering and Drafting staff (My Kingdom for more Revit Drafters!)
  • HVAC/R Service Technicians (it’s getting hotter).
  • Food Manufacturing Engineering candidates at the mid and senior level.
  • Industrial Technical Sales Engineers in Brisbane (Hydraulics, Pumps, Rotating Equipment).

Having been doing this for 15 years and gone through some good times and some bad, I know that when the demand spikes for estimators and salespeople, there are good times ahead, AND IT’S ABOUT TIME!

If you have a role in these disciplines that you want filled before Christmas, we are very active in the market and can provide ‘better quality candidate’s, faster”