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B-OPEN – Introducing Your Next Super Star Employee!

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Sometimes we get amazingly talented candidates applying for roles that, for a variety of reasons, they just aren’t suitable.
When this happens we change our screening questions from “Is this candidate right for this role?” to “Which role is this candidate right for?”.
The first question is “position specific” – can they do the role that my client wants them to do?
The second question is “opportunistic” – where can we refer this candidate that could add enormous value to one of my clients?
If one of the B Series Consultants gives you a call and says, “I have just interviewed an amazing candidate that I think might be able to add enormous value to your business”, PLEASE take the time to listen to what they have to say.
It may be the introduction to your next Super Star Employee!

Written by

Ken Fowler

Ken is the Managing Director of the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies which includes Barclay Recruitment, Ballantyne Recruitment, Buckingham Recruitment, Brazen Recruitment and B Series Contracting. Ken has played an integral role in Brisbane’s recruitment industry, having driven many specialist recruitment firms to service the changing needs of employers. However, Ken is best known for his relentless passion for developing leaders and his commitment to his employee’s professional development. Over the past 14 years of developing the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies, Ken has maintained his commitment to industry excellence, staff training and responding to market changes with a proactive and forward-thinking approach.