B Prepared – Do you have an Induction Manual?

How’s this for your first day?

Your new boss greets you at the door and says “Here’s your desk, there’s the kitchen, that’s the bathroom, I’ll get you a password for your PC this week, now go and sit with Bill and watch what he does.”

This actually happened to a candidate we interviewed last month.

No one seemed to know he was starting, he had to introduce himself to the team, and after the first day he went home to his wife and said “I may have made a terrible mistake.”

How did your first day go?

One of things we always to do in the B Series is to ring placed candidates at the end of their first week to see how it was.

The answers we get vary from ‘Fantastic’ to ‘It was like they weren’t expecting me’.

The faster you get new employees up to speed the happier they are, the more productive they are, and therefore the happier you will be.

Doing a proper induction doesn’t take a lot of effort once it is set up and in place.

If your business could do with improvement in this area please contact the B Series Group via admin@bseriesrecruitment.com.au and we will send you through a free Induction Template to get you started in the right direction.