B Prepared for Day 1, 2017

Just over two weeks to go and we will have reached the end of the working year.

For most people, it’s getting to the time where they “down tools” and struggle to complete a full day’s work.

The answer?


One of the most productive “quadrant two’ activities you can do is planning. Use the last dying days of 2016 to get your plans in order for when you come back in the New Year so you can hit the ground running.

Even if it is just a list of deals or customers to follow up from 2016, meetings to be organised on the first day back to get everyone into the groove ASAP, or setting the agenda for activities that have to be done by the end of January so people know what is expected of them as soon as they get back.

The New Year doesn’t start after the Australia Day Holiday (which I am getting so tired of hearing!), it starts now, by planning.