B Prepared – QLD’s Brain Drain

The Courier Mail published a story last weekend on Queensland’s Brain Drain by occupation, Feb 2016:

  • 59,400 Design, engineering, science and transport professionals working outside of Queensland
  • 43,100 Construction, distribution and production managers working outside of Queensland
  • 103,000 Hospitality, retail and service managers working outside of Queensland
  • 22,100 Business administration managers working outside of Queensland

These professionals are moving to projects in Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand and the result is that Queensland is expecting serious skills shortages.

  • Companies that prepare for skills shortages stand the best chance of escaping relatively unscathed. Do you have clear succession plans in place for retiring senior members of your business?
  • Have you mapped the career path with existing members of the team?
  • If a team member left your organisation, do you have a robust plan for their replacement in a very competitive talent market?

If you want to prepare for skills shortages, contact the B Series today on 07 3211 1433.