B Promoted (Part 2) – The Promotion Game Changer

If you are going to get promoted (or promote someone) there are some stock standard things you must do to get your case ready to present.

Some of these may sound pretty simple but when you combine them all together they will make you SHINE when compared to the opposition …

  • Know your jobFirstly understand what is expected of you. Know what is a considered a ‘good job’ and understand what you need to do be seen as ‘Outstanding’
  • Do your job really wellThe best way to show your bosses you deserve a pay rise is to do the job you were hired to do and do it well.
  • Arrive at work on timePunctuality shows professionalism, responsibility and dedication to your job.
  • Do an extra day’s work every weekArrive 30 minutes early, eat lunch at your desk, and leave 30 minutes after knock off. That’s 2 extra hours work a day, or more than a whole extra work day every week. It will get noticed and you should tell your Boss that’s the commitment you have to the company.
  • Ask for feedbackAt least once a month, ask your boss on how you are going. Look for feedback about areas of your job performance that need improvement. Asking for constructive criticism will show that you care and give you an idea of areas to target for improvement so your employers will see the extra effort you’re making to be eligible for a pay rise.
  • Emphasize your strong pointsPoint out any special skills or hands-on experience you have that will benefit your company and improved your job performance.
  • Do extra trainingLetting your supervisors know about extra training you are doing outside of work will make you look extra qualified when they’re considering giving you a pay rise.
  • Volunteer for extra projectsOffer to pitch in on big projects that are being completed or to help meet a deadline. Going the extra mile and helping out coworkers will show supervisors that you’re a team player that helps out when needed.
  • Dress and act professionallyPhysically look like you are at the next level and act like a senior member of the team.
  • Industry trendsKeep abreast of the trends in your industry. Subscribe to and read at least one trade journal regularly and make it a point to discuss the future with your colleagues.
  • Look aheadYou should also keep your eyes on the horizon and regularly envision the path ahead for your company and for the industry. Make it a point to consciously set aside time at the end of quarter to critically examine the path ahead.
  • Anticipate changeThe very act of anticipating needed actions will serve you well in day-to-day operations and in salary re-negotiation. You will be leading the way into the future and enhancing the company’s ability to capitalize on the changing market.
  • Take the high roadKeep your work at a high standard and always be 100% ethical and honest.
  • Be a team playerIf you are only ever acting in your best interests, then you won’t be seen as a team player, you’ll be seen as greedy and selfish and always asking ‘What’s in it for me?” Make sure you help out your colleagues and take up any extra workload.
  • No Loose Ends!Do everything you need to do. Completing your daily tasks as required shows consistency and dependability.
  • Stay on trackMeeting deadlines for projects or hitting and exceeding them is crucial. This will help make you look eligible for a pay rise by showing your manager that you’re focused and professional.
  • Take responsibilityWhen everyone is asking if ‘someone’ was going to do something, be that someone and do it yourself.
  • Show Discretionary EffortGo the extra mile to make sure some things in your job are done way better than is expected of you without being asked to do so.If you start doing these it will be an absolute “game changer” for your promotional

If you start doing these it will be an absolute “game changer” for your promotional prospects.
If you want one of your staff to step up, then give them this list and see how they go.

For further advice on how to secure a promotion check out our free video tutorial Job Prep – The Promotion