B Promoted – What you need to know to advance your career (part 1)

Career path? Where does it go?

Someone came up with the term ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ many years ago but for most of us it’s not relevant whatsoever.


90% of people work for small to medium business so if there is a ladder, it’s a step ladder.

Furthermore, as companies restructure, many senior roles are disappearing as they are merged into other roles, replaced by technology (Digital Disruption!), or downsized into operational rather than leadership positions.

Most people think the further up the ladder you go, the better off you will be, but remember, with rewards come responsibilities.

If you want to advance your career then there are two basic questions to ask:

Where am I right now?

Are you working for a company that can give you room to grow because the type of company you work for can determine your potential for promotion. Does the industry you are working in have a positive future ahead of it? Everyone who worked in the video industry had to change to DVD’s and now it’s all online. Will this happen to your industry?

When applying for new jobs, seek out companies with the opportunity for advancement. You don’t have to work for a huge corporation, although these usually offer plenty of promotion possibilities at any given time, you do want to look for a company that has enough going on so that you can be assured you’re not running into a dead end. Preferably this company will be doing well and growing, though many companies, especially very large ones, tend to grow in cycles.

Where do I want to be?

Some people want to be in charge of other people, others want to make the most money they can, some want to be part a team and others prefer to operate autonomously. Some people want to be good at a range of skills and others want to be recognized as experts in their field.

Career paths are like Christmas Trees – the higher you go, the less branches there are to stand on.

So, step one, what does your company and industry future look like and, step 2, what do you want to be doing in that future?

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