B Reversible – Are you winning the war on talent?

Reverse Engineering involves taking something apart to find out how it works and how it can be mass produced. It’s been used throughout history by every nation with obvious military applications.

Notable examples include:

The Egyption Chariot – Egypt used the chariot to dominate their region for a thousand years. The Egyptions first became aware of the chariot’s potency as a weapon after suffering heavy defeats at the hands of the Assyrian army. The Egyptians captured a chariot, reverse engineered it, improved it’s design and mass produced them.

The Roman Quinquireme – The Romans used the Quinquireme to defeat the Carthaginian navy. At the start of the conflict the Roman navy was dominated by the Carthaginians. The Romans found a shipwrecked Quinquereme, reverse engineered it and produced as many as possible, gaining parity and eventually dominance.

How can reverse engineering assist companies in the war on talent?

There is a finite number of very talented individuals in every industry. When they are grouped together in a winning team, they become formidable competition. By acquiring someone from a winning team, it is possible to gain an understanding of the conditions their former company created to attract them and their team mates in the beginning AND the processes and procedures that make their former company successful. It is then possible to create and improve on this strategy within your own company.

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