B Sorry – Don’t Forget, People Grow from Their Mistakes

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Things go wrong.

Sometimes it’s not your fault but stuff happens and you’ve got to deal with it.

It amazes me though, when things don’t turn out as planned, how many people bring out the ‘finger of blame’ and start pointing it around – at everyone but themselves!

The thing is, when a person makes a mistake, and they ‘own’ it – “yes, it was my fault. I take full responsibility for what happened” – then that’s the end of the problem.

Why am I raising this as a recruitment topic you might ask?

People grow from making mistakes, it’s not necessarily a bad thing but a learning experience (unless they repeat the mistake over and over again).

So when you are interviewing a candidate, take a long hard look at the mistakes they have made, whether or not they ‘owned’ them, if they brought out the ‘finger of blame’, or if they grew from the experience.

Someone who can admit they were wrong, say sorry and move on, and learn from the experience could be a valuable addition to your team.

Written by

Ken Fowler

Ken is the Managing Director of the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies which includes Barclay Recruitment, Ballantyne Recruitment, Buckingham Recruitment, Brazen Recruitment and B Series Contracting. Ken has played an integral role in Brisbane’s recruitment industry, having driven many specialist recruitment firms to service the changing needs of employers. However, Ken is best known for his relentless passion for developing leaders and his commitment to his employee’s professional development. Over the past 14 years of developing the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies, Ken has maintained his commitment to industry excellence, staff training and responding to market changes with a proactive and forward-thinking approach.