B Stone – The power of attraction

A group of travellers arrived at a town. They were hungry and didn’t have any food. They carried a large cooking pot and a stone. The locals gave them a cold reception, unwilling to share any of their food with the hungry travellers.

Unperturbed, the travellers began filling their cooking pot with water, placed the stone in the water and began heating the cooking pot over a fire. The locals were curious and one walked over to ask what the travellers were doing. “We’re making stone soup – the best tasting soup in the history of mankind… …but we seem to be missing a vital ingredient. We need some carrots – happy to share the soup with you if you have any carrots to spare.” The local donated a few carrots to the pot and waited patiently. Seeing one local sitting with the travellers, another local became interested and also approached the travellers to ask what they were doing. “We’re making Stone Soup – the best soup known to mankind – it’s not yet at its full potential as we’re missing some onions – but if you have onions, we’re happy to share the soup when it’s ready.” The second local happily donated some onions and sat down to wait. More and more locals arrived, asked what was going on and donated ingredients to the soup.
Eventually the soup stone was removed and the travellers and locals shared a very nourishing and delicious meal together.

Consider the makeup of your team: A group of “locals” working together in the workplace. Do you have all the ingredients in your team to make magical stone soup? Does the team contribute towards a common goal or do they get on with their own work individually, reducing the overall output of the group? Could you use a “traveller” to inject new ideas and get your team working together towards a significant achievement?

The B Series won’t try to sell you a magical stone but we can help you find people with fresh ideas that can make a big difference.