B Thankful – Recognition Costs Nothing

We have a small bell for ‘every-day greatness’ that we ring when someone does something great. For example, when we engage with a new client, the bell rings and everyone turns to ask, “What did you do?” This has an immediate positive impact on the mood of the office.

We also have a giant gong for placements and as soon as it is struck the entire office swarms the consultant with hand-shakes and congratulatory words. The noise it makes is a fun way to celebrate greatness and it really brings the team together.

Acts of greatness are occurring every day – It could be exceptional customer service, meeting KPI’s, exceeding budget targets, delivering a project on time or learning a new system or process and excelling at it. It’s about going over and above your normal duties – all these acts need to be rewarded.

A reward could be a one-hour massage, buying the team lunch, granting a rostered day off, arranging an Employee of the Month award, or a company newsletter with an article about a staff member and their actions.

Rewarding greatness acknowledges the company values and vision, raises someone up to be appreciated by their peers and drives others to seek the same kind of recognition. Regularly rewarding your staff will give your company a “cultural” advantage over your competitors.

Does your team feel appreciated? Do they receive the recognition they deserve?