B Warned – Post Christmas Holiday Challenges

The start of the year typically brings a spike in the number of resignations which poses a huge challenge to businesses as they scramble to find replacement staff. Why do we see so many resignations in Mid to late January?

Staff who end the year disgruntled will often vent their frustrations over the holiday period to friends and loved ones who empathise and reinforce their negative viewpoint. Emotional wounds can fester over the warm summer and most employees return to work without any leave remaining after taking two weeks over Christmas. During the year, vigilant Managers can monitor and provide guidance to disgruntled employees but the Christmas break isolates them from such intervention. This leads to a ‘perfect storm’ of factors that contribute to higher than normal numbers of resignations.

Resignations in January are problematic because the majority of potential candidates are not actively looking or receptive to approaches for a change of employment. Candidates can give as little as a week’s notice which means key positions can remain vacant for six weeks or longer, placing enormous strain on other members of the team to cover the additional workload of a missing colleague.

The B Series motto is better quality candidates faster. If you encounter January resignations, the B Series will provide a solution that will minimise the time and disruption to your business.