B Awesome!

On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s AWESOME?

So, I’ve shortlisted two candidates for a sales role. Each was averaging over $100K in sales per month and battling for first place in their relevant teams.

Strong technical skills, stable work history, keen to do well and ready for the next challenge.

Pretty awesome right?


As it turns out the worst Sales Rep in my clients’ firm was doing $220K per month – and the best did over $500K!

Yet the two candidates thought they were doing an awesome job (and so did their bosses!)

So, how does your staff measure their performance? How do they know what’s a crap result and what is awesome?


Every industry has some firm somewhere benchmarking their performance. In recruitment, we have “The RIB Report” – the combined results of 120 consultancies analysed on a monthly basis (so we know what awesome is).

If you really want to let your staff know what to aim for to be AWESOME, present them with industry results and then challenge them (or congratulate them) on their performance levels.