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What? You aren’t using Contractors?!

A friend of mine, let’s call him Brett (because that’s his name) runs a company of about 30 staff – seven permanent and the rest are contractors.

The contractors work from early February to the end of November each year, then they have 10 weeks off – and he has no wages over Christmas and New Year.

When they get sick during the year, he doesn’t pay them. If they want a holiday during the year, he doesn’t pay them. If they take public holidays, he doesn’t pay them.

When they work, they work hard – they know they are being measured on their outputs based on the hours they work and fully understand productivity and efficiency.

Brett has no investment in induction or ongoing training as the contractors are professionals and already know how to do the work and do it well. They are productive from day one.

He understands that administration, finance, proposal preparation, human resources, industrial relations and payroll are Expense Centres, not Profit Centres and always jokes “Why would I employ an accountant full time when I only do my tax once a year?”

Brett employs experts in their fields and sucks their knowledge into his company.

AND the contractors LOVE IT!

Some are in the twilight of their careers (the Brains Trust) and others just starting (the Digital Natives) and both groups love to work on a contract.

They want to learn and contribute, don’t necessarily want to tow the company line as full-time employees, and want to do great work so they can get recommended for other projects or assignments.

So, are you using contractors? Do you want to know more? Call us now on (07) 3211 1433, we have years of experience in contracting and a database full of skilled contractors in the project services, electrical, sales, construction and engineering industries.