B Impressive – Tell Your Employees How to Stand Out

Sometimes you need to give your staff guidance so they know what constitutes a great performance.

Funnily enough, many don’t actually know, and think that turning up on time and staying until 5 pm is going “beyond the call of duty”.

Try some of these suggestions to start the New Year on a positive note:

  • If you turn up 30 minutes early, leave 30 minutes late, and work through your lunch, you can get AN EXTRA DAY’S WORK DONE EVERY WEEK!
  • Showing discretionary effort means when anyone asks “is somebody going to do so-and-so?” you become somebody.
  • Every morning ask yourself, “Who am I going to make a positive difference to today?”
  • Every evening ask yourself, “Who did I make a positive difference to today?”
  • Write down what you are going to achieve (not do, ACHIEVE) in the next 90 days and give it to a peer to hold you accountable.
  • What are you going to LEARN in the next month that will improve the business?
  • Don’t expect to get praised for doing your job – that’s what you get paid for.
  • Become visible in the business by making something good happen – deliver before a deadline, get feedback from a client and use it, train someone to do their job better.
  • Demonstrate strong team skills by SERVING your bosses, your peers, and your subordinates.

It’s good to establish a reputation as someone who’s reliable, flexible, and hard-working.

It’s hard to break a good reputation (it’s harder to fix a bad one).

Ok, let’s get on with it!