B Rejected: Job Board Fatigue Syndrome – what is it?

“Job Board Fatigue Syndrome” is what candidates suffer from when they apply for numerous positions and never hear anything back. They may send 10, 20 or 50 applications in their effort to find employment and never (or very rarely) hear back from anyone.

How do they feel about it?

Deflated, unmotivated and dejected.

What do they think of the company that they applied to when they get no response to their application?

Not much!

The majority of positions advertised these days are done through Seek. Companies set up an account, place an ad, and then the applicants are saved in that account. You can then just click to reject the ones that aren’t suitable.

It’s simple and fast.

More importantly, it shows a common courtesy that is sadly lacking in today’s society, and a level of professionalism from your company that puts it in a good light.

I regularly see ads that say ‘only shortlisted candidates will be contacted’ and this is just rude. If people take the time to apply to your business, have the decency to acknowledge them and send them a response.

After all, they could be a customer one day (or a competitor) so it’s worth the effort to say ‘Thanks, but no thanks, and good luck with your search for a new career”.

It’s the Golden Rule …..