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Do You Need A Workplace Culture Shake Up – Ubuntu Style?

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The dictionary states that collaboration means: the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing.

At the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies we have implemented Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an African word of similar meaning to collaboration whereby individuals work together to use their unique talents to support and assist the tribe to grow as one unified group.

In a lot of recruitment sales cultures the individual is given a desk and an industry silo to work within then basically told to go forth and finically build their future. Fundamentally, they are being told to work as a lone wolf, within a pack or group aren’t provided team support. There are limited opportunities for learning in this model, as the pack is protective of its own desk and individuals might feel embarrassed in voicing their concerns or just asking for help, as this might make them seem weak or inexperienced.

Within a collaborative or an Ubuntu environment, individuals are encouraged to speak up, ask questions and be proactive in supporting their group. Each person on the team has a unique talent which is identified and this talent comes to the fore when others in the team need assistance, guidance and help. However, ultimately the team will grow as a group and build a stronger business, with complete individual buy in.

We have found that over the past five months of working as a collaborative Ubuntu team, supporting each other and not just focusing on a single work related silo, that we have been able to build unity and harmony in our team, identify training opportunities amongst the group and empowered staff to be themselves. Not lone wolves, out in the wilderness fending for themselves.

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Written by:

George Trusiak

George Trusiak has been with Barclay Recruitment since 2006 and is known as “The Oracle” of the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies. George brings a robust understanding and skill set to recruitment, and has been recruiting for mechanical engineering and manufacturing companies since 2006. He has a mechanical trades background combined with demonstrated business and entrepreneurial accomplishment establishing and operating several small businesses and working in business to business sales.