Better Quality Candidates Faster.

We Source High Quality Sales, Management and Technical Professionals for the Construction, Engineering, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mining , Oil and Gas Industries.

Our mission is to deliver "Better Quality Candidates Faster".

Looking to fill a position?

If you are looking to fill a position and your organisation is servicing or working in the Construction, Engineering, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing or Mining, Oil and Gas industries, contact one of the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies.
Whether its for a high level Executive required for a specialised role or a Contracting role that needs filling urgently, we will deliver the best quality candidates, quickly.

How we work.

Each Executive Recruitment Consultant in the B Series Recruitment Group operates in a specific sector so that they can develop an in depth understanding of both the candidate and client requirements as well as the markets that they operate in.
Assignments are undertaken on a contingent basis, where you will only be charged a fee upon the successful commencement of a candidate.
Consultants conduct in-depth preference, skills and behavioral interviews. Without exception, the candidate's permission is obtained prior to submission to any organisation and this is done with a full Confidential Candidate Report outlining the consultant's reasons for doing so - we will NEVER just send you a resume.

Our Recruitment Process.

The following is a brief overview of a recruitment process that all B Series Group Consultants undertake when working on an assignment.

  • Take the Job Brief.
  • Book Shortlist Presentation and 1st Round Client Interview dates.
  • Send Terms of Business to the Client.
  • Write Job Advertisement and publish across all job board and social media mediums including but not limited to,, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Search the B Series Talent Bank (approx. 170,000 candidates, increasing by an estimated 20,000 per annum) – email/ phone suitable candidates.
  • Perform competitor search and create a ‘Head Hunt’ list (if the role requires). Make contact with prospective candidates confidentially.
  • Review job board and Talent Bank applicants and assign for follow up or issue rejection communications.
  • Make contact with top prospect Candidates and book introduction interview (Recruitment Consultant and Candidate)
  • Interview each prospective Candidate.
  • Create a detailed report on each Candidate and submit to the Client for input.
  • Confirm with the Client who they would like to interview.
  • Contact successful Candidates and confirm 1st Round Client Interview date and time, then confirm with the Client.
  • Contact unsuccessful Candidates.
  • Obtain feedback from the Client and Candidate following 1st Round Client Interview.
  • Contact successful Candidates and confirm 2nd Round Client Interview date and time, then confirm with the Client (if applicable).
  • Contact unsuccessful Candidates.
  • Obtain feedback from the Client and Candidate following 2nd Round Client Interview.
  • Present an employment offer to the successful Candidate.
  • Contact unsuccessful Candidates.
  • Negotiate Employment Contract terms between Client and Candidate, secure the employment start date.
  • Contact the Candidate and Client 1 working day prior to start date confirming details.
  • Contact the Client on the start date confirming the Candidate has arrived.
  • Carry out follow up calls 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months post start date to obtain feedback from both Candidate and Client.

B Series Talent Bank™

As a group of five recruitment companies we receive over 20,000 resumes per year across various advertising channels specifically relevant to our core sectors of Construction, Engineering, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mining, Oil and Gas. Recognising that our database is a powerful resource and to deliver on our value proposition of "Better Quality Candidates Faster" B Series Recruitment has been seeking more efficient ways of searching, storing and representing these candidates.
Through the use of Cloud Computing we have consolidated the B Series Recruitment group of consultancies databases and offered every consultant in the B Series the ability to search all resumes sourced by the group. This gives our clients access to a highly concentrated source of candidates and very effective means for searching for them. In addition to this, we are able to offer all candidates a greater level of opportunity within the core sectors in which we specialise.
Clients now have a powerful tool that offers talent pooling by consultants who only focus in their areas of speciality.

  • There are approximately 200,000 candidates available for selection, through the engagement of one consultant in one business. No need to brief multiple companies offering similar solutions.
  • The B Series Talent Bank™ is a National database.

On-Hire Labour Agreements.

B Series Recruitment is an approved sponsor for the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) to the On-Hire Labour Agreement (OHLA) scheme and as a result we can offer on-hire service of overseas professionals to our clients.
This means B Series Recruitment can assist in the acquisition of overseas talent across Engineering and Construction sectors.
All employees sponsored under B Series Recruitment’ OHLA will hold a subclass 457, Temporary Work (Skilled) visa valid for up to four years. This can reduce the risk of sponsoring a 457 candidate and having the work dry up.
B Series has been approved to provide sponsorship to the following professionals:
  • Engineering Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Environmental Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Quality Surveyor
  • Structured Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Construction Estimator
  • Civil Engineering Technician and Draftsperson
  • Electrical Engineering Draftsperson and Technician
  • Safety Inspector
  • Maintenance Planner
  • Metallurgic Materials Technician
  • Conveyancer
  • Driller
If you have a project and you need to employ highly skilled and experienced overseas professionals in a flexible arrangement, but do not want to take on the responsibility of the sponsorship process, our OHLA is the solution for you.

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