Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something!

B2B Selling Skills is sales training for business people whose role is to sell to prospects in a face to face capacity. This sales training is delivered online to save time and maximise the impact that the participants get. You will learn how to structure sales, find the hidden needs, identify buying signals and use The Killer Question. The course culminates in producing a Sales Strategy Briefing Sheet that is specifically tailored for your salesforce which immediately impacts your results straight away.

Business Owner or Sales Manager?

How good are your sales people?

Sales Representative or Sales Consultant?

How good are your sales skills?

Why is B2B Selling Skills so important?

The simple rule is that “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”. You don’t design anything, you don’t engineer anything, you don’t manufacture anything, and you don’t count it, warehouse it, receipt it or put it in your P&L until a salesperson has sold it.

Solves the problem

It solves the problem of training business to business sales people that want to do well and need a specific skill set to do so.


It does so in a way that is effective and efficient, that you can monitor easily.

Provides the tools

It provides the tools they need on a daily basis to uncover why your prospects will buy, and then maximize the chance that they will buy from you.

Who is B2B Selling Skills for?

It is designed for Sales Managers whose sales force do two things:
  • Sell in a “Face to Face” situation.
  • Sell a “Considered” purchase
There are many different types of salespeople; one’s that handle transactions (FMCG), one’s that provide customer service (Retail), and others that manage the sale that’s already been made (Account Managers). All of these are import parts of a business process but they are all reactive role, not proactive roles.
This training is for salespeople where the next thing that comes out of their mouths can make or break the deal. Where the customer has options and is making a “considered purchase”. A considered purchase is quite simply a purchase of value, where there are a number of competitors or suppliers chasing their business, and the value can meet more than one need – so it’s not selling on price!

What outcome will I get?

With 15 lectures and 2 hours of content B2B Selling Skills training will provide you with the tools you must have to Identify and Satisfy the Customers’ Needs, Profitably.
To do that we are going to put together a Briefing Sheet that you can use every time you engage with a client. This document will become your Sales Structure that will lead your prospects through your Sales Strategy. To build this we are going to utilize the answers to the questions that you will completed doing the course.

Customer Reviews: Don’t just take our word for it, after all we are in sales.

Check out what our participants are saying about B2B Selling Skills!
“An insight into the intellectual property of an Entrepreneur that’s done it all – 10/10”Kevin Gifford

“Thank you! I love the course and everything I learn in it. You’re so right! Nothing happens until someone sells something and we do need to call and call and call and call and be the first ones that do it.

I am a filmmaker and I do cater to the commercial world and that means I do produce commercials for the businesses in the area and until now I didn’t realize that my business is all about B2B sales. Until now I was thinking like a freelancer but now I can say I know how I will need to run my business from now on. Thank you! Great course!!!”

Florin Marksteiner

“I like to run a sales training course/ refresher for my sales team at least once a year. It’s been the same course for the past three years as I couldn’t find another I felt my staff would benefit from until now. The B2B Selling Skills course was easy to follow, convenient and very informative. I split the video’s into three consecutive morning training sessions with my staff. We worked on creating the Sales Briefing Sheet as a group and from that template produced several other documents to assist different stages of the Sales process.

I will now be using the B2B sales course annually as well as when we on board new staff!”

Ryan O’Donnell

“I myself have just started my career in the very cut throat industry of Recruitment. Being in Real Estate sales for 15 years I figured that I’d had the sales process down pat but quickly found residential sales is very different from business to business sales.

Although admittedly this was an impulse purchase, I will not be regretting it at all. The B2B Selling Skills course was able to help me refocus my sales strategy and gave me the sales tools of which I will carry to any sales position in the future.”

Heather Christi

“Fresh out of Uni and on a budget I wanted a course that would give me an edge against my competitors when seeking employment. This course is fantastic! I highly recommend!

Anthony Campbell

“Interested but skeptical I contacted Ken via email to further confirm whether my money would be well spent if I purchased the course. Ken was very helpful and our communications obviously resulted in me doing the course. Great guy, very knowledgeable, I will be recommending to others seeking sales training.

Elliot Wilson