Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something!

Remember it! Commit it to memory! Start every day with reciting this absolute truth of all businesses everywhere! We are going on a journey that will take you through the set of skills you MUST have if you are going to succeed in the competitive game of Business to Business sales, where the next thing that comes out of your mouth, can make or break the sale.

Here is the course structure we are going to follow to take you through the B2B Selling Skills training program:

Lecture 1
Title: Your position description – “Identify and Satisfy the Customers’ Needs, Profitably”
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: A basic rule of sales you MUST understand to be successful.

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Lecture 2
Title: Why do people buy?
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: What problem do you solve?

Lecture 3
Title: Why are salespeople scared of selling?
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: Your ego is not your Amigo!

Lecture 4
Title: Who’s the MAN?
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: Are you talking to the “Appropriate Person”.

Lecture 5
Title: Information = Power
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: 5 specific pieces of information you MUST HAVE!

Lecture 6
Title: Open and Closed Questions
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: Top 6 open questions you need to use in every sale.

Lecture 7
Title: Follow the lead….
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: Dig down deep and listen for the feeling.

Lecture 8
Title: Controlling the Sale
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: Don’t go into TELL MODE!

Lecture 9
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: Make sure you use it at the right time, in the right way!

Lecture 10
Title: Doctor of Sales
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: Diagnose before you prescribe.

Lecture 11
Title: Closing the Sale
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: If the salesperson says it, the customer can doubt it BUT….

Lecture 12
Title: Setting the Agenda
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: Take the pain away.

Lecture 13
Title: First in, first served / Til death do us part
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: 5 minute warning!!! It’s not over until you say it’s over!

Lecture 14
Title: Solve the problem that’s going to happen after the problem…
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: This will take all your issues away and you’ll never have a deal go bad again!

Lecture 15
Title: B2B Selling Skills Summary and Action Plan
Time: 00:00 min
Summary: Let’s put it into place in the Briefing Sheet.

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