Looking for Flexibility

Almost 1 million contractors across Australia are enjoying the flexibility, variety, higher wages and development opportunities.

B Series Contracting.

B Series Contracting is a professional contracting company that provides immediate and interim recruitment solutions to the Construction, Engineering, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mining, Oil and Gas industries. The company benefits from an extensive network of clients within the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies. Skilled Contracting is rapidly becoming the preferred employment option for many companies and employees. B Series Contracting delivers a professional and respected contracting service to meet this growing demand.
B Series Contracting provides highly skilled and experienced contractors at short notice, essentially giving clients access to a flexible workforce.
B Series Contracting provides a range of support services including an online timesheet service and best practice Contract Management.
Its services allow organisations to supplement and support their staff when the workload fluctuates in line with project requirements. For candidates it opens doors to companies and projects providing opportunities to grow portfolios and relationships.
All legal requirements and paperwork are taken care of by B Series Contracting including:
  • Payment of remuneration
  • Deduction of all appropriate taxation required by the Australian Taxation Office
  • Workers Compensation payments
  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance
  • Superannuation Guarantee charges
  • Payroll Tax
B Series Contracting conducts Australian and international advertising campaigns to ensure it attracts the best candidates. Pre-employment screening processes help ensure the workers are ready for business on day one.

The Benefits of Contracting.

Contracting is a rapidly growing human resourcing practice for companies in the construction, manufacturing, engineering and logistical industries. Almost one million contractors across Australia are enjoying the flexibility, variety, development opportunities and more often than not are rewarded with higher wages that come with working in non-permanent roles. Contractors are able to move between positions with more freedom putting their career destinies firmly in their own hands. Employers are benefiting from reduced costs, workforce flexibility and improved productivity.

Contractor Timesheet Management.

B Series Contracting manage all timesheet and payroll requirements. We offer clients and candidates a seamless and accurate way of managing the administration process.
The online timesheet workflow is simple:
Step 1: Contractors fill in their provided timesheet with their hours and/or expenses and submit them for approval.
Step 2: Approvers receive an email containing a summary of timesheet hours and, after reviewing, indicate their approval by using our electronic signature system.
Step 3: B Series Contracting processes the payroll and supplies the invoice and timesheet in one document via email.