Lecture 2
Title: What is the job market like?
Time: 06:23 min
Summary: Let’s take a look at what the current job market is like, what candidates are experiencing in their search for new positions, and explain what Job Board Fatigue Syndrome is.

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Lecture 3
Title: Why are you looking for a new role anyway?
Time: 06:21 min
Summary: Let’s take a quick look at why you are about to throw yourself into the job market and see what other options you have.

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Lecture 4
Title: What are the qualities of a great candidate?
Time: 07:02 min
Summary: Let’s take a look at the things that employers are looking for, what they find attractive in a candidate, and whether or not you have some of these qualities and experiences.

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Lecture 5
Title: What is the best resume structure and content?
Time: 09:04 min
Summary: This is the chapter where we discuss the ‘skeleton’ of your resume and where you put the ‘muscles’ on it. The structure of this resume is the most read and easily understandable by employers and provides them with the information they need to decide if you fit what they might be looking for.

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Lecture 6
Title: The Do’s and Don’ts
Time: 08:00 min
Summary: Okay, this is where we make sure you put your best foot forward by talking about everything NOT TO DO and making sure that you understand all the MUST DO’S! Take notes! This is where you can rocket ahead of the competition just by knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.

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Lecture 7
Title: The Cover Letter – an ABSOLUTE MUST!
Time: 03:51 min
Summary: Yes, it takes a bit more effort on your behalf but it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to make sure you get ahead of the pack and stand out from the crowd.

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Lecture 8
Title: Who do I send it to?
Time: 07:23 min
Summary: There are a lot more options (smarter options!) than just shooting your resume off to dozens of jobs via Job Boards. Let’s take a look at where else you can look to get a great job.

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Lecture 9
Title: The Follow Up and Qualifying Call
Time: 04:14 min
Summary: The candidates that really get ahead of the bunch and usually get the chance to attend an interview are the ones that call to ask qualifying questions AND have a strong “Elevator Pitch”.

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Lecture 10
Title: Toughen up Buttercup!
Time: 05:02 min
Summary: Yes, this can be a rough road to go down as finding a new job can take time, be disheartening and not happen to plan – SO TOUGHEN UP!

You will get there in the end and if you use all the information found in this course, it won’t be nearly as bad as you think.

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