Pay Rise Denied! – 8 Reasons to reject a pay rise

Rejecting a pay rise request is not always easy. It can lead to low productivity and eventually the loss of an employee if not handled correctly.

Here are some of the most common (and the most reasonable) reasons for not giving a pay rise:

  • You haven’t done the work to justify a raise but you have done enough to keep your job.
  • The budget won’t allow it. The business is already over budget for expenses.
  • Not now, later – All pay reviews are being done at a later date.
  • Wages Freeze – The business isn’t doing well so no one is getting any salary reviews. You would get one but it’s just not possible at this moment.
  • It’s not fair to other people – Other people are being made redundant so now is not the time.
  • You’re already the highest paid person in the team.
  • It’s too soon. You just had a pay rise last year! You can’t ask for another one yet.
  • Head Office said ‘No’. If it was my choice I’d give it to you but ‘Head Office’ said no.

Very few employees will argue against these and they will feel as though they have ‘given it a go’ but the response was fair and reasonable.

Just keep an eye on their engagement as the number one reason at the moment for people changing jobs is their remuneration.