Pay Rise KPI’s – 11 Questions you need to ask!

If you or your staff are going to ask for, and get, a pay rise, here are some of the things that should be presented to justify the decision:

  • Firstly, they should have a professional reasons to deserve a pay rise. What have they done that has benefited the company?
  • How have they performed to their KPI’s or budgets?
  • Do they have a prepared list of accomplishments for the last year?
  • Have they excelled on any projects or worked on, and solved, any major problems for the business?
  • Did they work extra hours or meet any urgent deadline?
  • Did they take initiative?
  • Did they go beyond the call of duty?
  • Did they save the company time or money?
  • Did they improve any systems or processes?
  • Did they empower others with support and guidance or training?
  • Has their position or responsibilities changed in the last year?

Just because they have been there another year just doesn’t cut it these days.

People need to step up and prove their worth – and when they do, pay them what they’re worth!

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