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The Pay Rise

How to better your chances of a Pay Rise

Rather than being presented with a letter of resignation every employer would prefer to be presented with a well prepared and substantiated argument for a pay rise. Keeping an existing employee happy is also less of a hassle than conducting interviews and hiring a new one. While you don’t want to say this outright, emphasizing a positive role in your company’s evolution which helps assure the company’s future success will definitely resonate with your boss.


Treat this as a business transaction, because it is. Although personal to you, it’s an impersonal issue for the company, which simply wants your backside on their chair as soon as possible now, for as good a price as they can get you.


Asking for pay rise is another chance to sell yourself to them in the comfort zone of knowing you already have the job. Treat this like the business transaction it is and keep everything professional; you’re not bragging or compromising your integrity by promoting what is valuable about yourself.


Recognise that a high percentage of companies expect renegotiation of salary and set their salaries lower than what they expect you to accept, on purpose. While this won’t hold for all companies why accept the chance that you’ve been offered less based on this rationale? Give it a go!


Realise that those who ask get heard. The squeaky wheel is real, now and in any other workplace transaction. But to get what you want, you have to deserve it for good reasons!


The course is made up of 10 lectures, a number of quizzes, and gives you a bulletproof “Get Prepared Worksheet” to use when you make your request.


If you have asked for a pay rise before and been unsuccessful, or if you have never asked for a pay rise and don’t know the best way to go about it, then all the answers are here!

Video 1 - Introduction to The Pay Rise


  • To do this course all you really have to have is a job you enjoy and want to be rewarded for the effort and commitment you give to it.


  • Over 11 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Know exactly what you have to do to get a pay rise.
  • Understand what types of people won’t ask for a pay rise – Could this be you?
  • Realise why you should never threaten to leave just to get a pay rise.
  • Be aware of the processes involved in asking for a pay rise and make sure you understand the best way to navigate it to your advantage.
  • Understanding the preparation you need to do maximize your chances of success.

Watch this tutorial if you...

  • Are looking to improve your salary by successfully preparing and presenting a request for a pay rise.

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Title: What you need to do to qualify for a pay rise
Time: 08:29 min
Summary: Consistency is the key! We will go through a checklist of 18 tips sure to get your employers attention and add weight to your pay rise proposal when the time comes.

Title: Why people don’t ask for a pay rise
Time: 06:39 min
Summary: Here are a dozen reasons why people don’t feel right about asking for a pay rise. Do you use any of these reasons?

Title: Threatening to leave to get a pay rise
Time: 04:25 min
Summary: Be extremely careful about using another job offer as leverage. Your boss may call you on it. It’s important to really have such a job offer and be willing to take it if you’re rebuffed by your boss. Be ready to walk that plank!

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Title: What’s the process to get a Pay Rise
Time: 04:36 min
Summary: Every company has different processes for increasing peoples salaries. You need to understand what policies your company has in place for this process. Here are some hot tips to help you get prepared.

Title: Get Prepared!
Time: 09:27 min
Summary: This is the lecture that will give you all the questions to use to help you get prepared to present your case for a pay rise. Attached is the “Get Prepared Worksheet” that you can use to write them all down so you have all the ammunition you need to guarantee success!

Title: How much, or what, do you actually want?
Time: 07:15 min
Summary: Decide what level of pay rise you’re looking for. It’s important not to appear greedy, but rather to remain realistic and reasonable.

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

Title: Asking for a Pay Rise
Time: 10:16 min
Summary: It’s show time baby! Here is everything you should do when you prepare to and are actually asking for the pay rise – 17 simple but important tips to bring you closer to success.

Title: Why you won’t get a pay rise
Time: 05:15 min
Summary: You might have worked your butt off but still your request for a pay rise is denied. Here are the reasons companies will give you to justify their decision, and how you can get around them.

Title: What happens next?
Time: 07:14 min
Summary: You are unlikely to get an answer to your request on the spot so here is what may happen next and what you should be prepared for. We are getting close now so don’t give up!

Video 11

Title: let’s make sure you get your “Get Prepared Worksheet” done ASAP!
Time: 01:58 min
Summary: Now that you have been through the course you need to TAKE ACTION and complete your GET PREPARED WORKSHEET which is attached below. I’ve also attached the full course notes so that you can review each lecture point by point.